Q&A event between vendors and brides at The Epicenter  January 13, 2017 at 6 pm

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming and that is one of the reasons this event was born. There are many many options out there and sometimes brides don’t even know where to start, which is completely normal. Questions like; am I paying too much? Am I covering everything that I need for my day? Which vendors can I trust? Should I feed my vendors? And many other questions start arising.

I have heard thru out the years so many brides been disappointed with their vendors. Unfortunately, once that day passes you cannot go back and what is done is done. From photographers cancelling last minute from the wedding dress ordered on EBay not fitting properly and all this can make your dream wedding into a nightmare.

At the Q&A we will have a big ray of wedding vendors like; DJ’s ( Swamp Stompin’ Entertainment  ), Photographer (CarlosC Photography), Travel agents (Alvarez travels. You need to think of that honeymoon too), Makeup artist, Song writer (can you imagine having the first dance to your own song?), Caterings (Jimmy Bodean’s and Edibles by Ethel), Wedding planners (HOUZEN Events), Attorney (Glenn & Phanco, P.A. ), Insurance company (All Insurance Florida) and many other vendors ready to answer all your questions and concerns. All of this in an environment where you can feel free of pushy sale people. Our purpose is not sell to you, that’s what they have the wedding expo for, we just want to make sure you know what to expect from all this different vendor even if we are not the ones you hire for your special day. We want to educate you, arm you with the tools that will make planning and hiring all your wedding suppliers a walk in the park.

The Q&A event will be held at The Epicenter Venue . This event will be transmitted online via Facebook and YouTube so you can still send us your questions. If you can assist, you will be entering different raffles like free engagement photos, discounts on some of the vendors and many more good stuffs. We invite you to bring a guest with you. We want you to feel comfortable and be ready to take a lot of notes!

Remember this event is completely FREE!!

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