Project Description

Hi! Thank you for visiting my wedding portfolio. Is an honor to have you here.

I know that you have been dreaming about your wedding day for a long time and the times have come to start planning for your big wedding day. Like you, we pay attention to all the details on the wedding. More than 6 years of experience have thought me a lot and as always, my goal is to tell your story, tell your love story to everyone who will get to see the images of your photos, and most importantly for your future family.

I know there is millions of photographers out there and you are probably thinking why should I choose CarlosC Photography. I will tell you what make us different. As I have mention before, my years of experience on this industry and countless weddings has provided me with enough time to learn how to capture the perfect moment. We will work with you at all times prior the wedding on day like the rehearsal to ensure we are in compass with the way you plan your big day. Our communication lines are always open and available for you to contact us at any time.  If you are local bride in Tampa Florida, we are also available to have as many meetings you would like to answer all of your questions.  We don’t time limit our packages because we don’t want to put you on a time crunch, this is day is for you to enjoy. I will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. I was one a groom, and want to know what was my biggest mistake? Not hiring a professional wedding photographer. Now I want to give the opportunity to everyone out there getting married to be able to capture on image the day they have always dream.

I am eager to talk to you and even more excited to tell your story. Contact me for more information

Phone: (813) 507-3378