How I can start talking about the experience in “Exploring and Capturing Boriken”, last June in Puerto Rico. One word Amazing!!! I would like to recognized the “A-Team” Latanya, Linwood, Angel & Carlos; you guys did an amazing job. The locations were a die for and the experience was unique. Thanks to Trident Swimwear for allow us to capture wonderful images of their swimsuit designs. A huge thank you to Zahira Lopez, owner of Madmoiselle Model Management, for allowing us to photograph their wonderful and gorgeous models. Another big thank you to G Models and Element Models Agency.


puerto rico, swimsuitWhen you have the opportunity to visit and photograph spectacular places in Puerto Rico, like La Pared in Luquillo, The Rainforest El Yunque in Rio Grande, Flamenco Beach in Culebra and Survival Beach in Aguadilla. It was a magnificent and unique experience. Photographing in each locations was unforgettable. Each one with their own adventure, but at the end the reward was priceless. The first adventure was when we went to El Yunque. We had to hike between stones and wet soil for several minutes. The best part was to reach the top and see a beautiful waterfall waiting for you.


Another adventure that we had was having to be awake since 1 am to get the tickets for us to go to Culebra, but to spend all day in one of the best beaches in the world is amazing, the scenery, white sand, water as clear as crystal, when you are there and you think you are in paradise.puerto rico, swimsuit


puerto rico, swimsuit Survival Beach in Aguadilla was the best and the riskiest adventure. First we left at 5.30am from Rio Grande and then drove 2 hours to reach our final destination.  Getting to Survival Beach, we had to hike down a narrow path in between the mountain, with rocks and crags for more than 30 minutes.


The best part with all the heavy equipment, but you know what? Survival beach and his view down the road, the beach, the cave and the all the stones was so unique that in the end the fatigue and tiredness was worth it, the adrenaline started running and the photoshoot was the best and the final product was fantastic.

To give you an idea of what happened in Puerto Rico, enjoy these photos.