Yes, is my new word “Businesable” We have seen many times over social media that we create great headshots but your image with your dog get a ton of more reaction from your friends and followers. Before you jump on me and tell me that been famous on social media (getting a lot of likes and comments) is the same as been reach on monopoly, I have to say the I agree with you. I am not cringing because people did not react to my photo, I cringe because you are losing customers. You might say “but I am getting a ton of reactions and exposure”, true. How many times have you seen something and said “isn’t that beautiful?” but don’t follow with anything else than just expressing just that. Same thing happens with your online image. You get a lot of reaction but no one hires you or gets your products or services. Let put this into perspective. If you see a Realtor dress as a clown, wouldn’t that cause many reactions? after all he is a Realtor, not a clown. But how many people would have done business with you base on that image? I bet none. Let put another example. Would you go in shorts, flip-flops, and a t-shirt to a court? I will let the attorneys answer that one. You want to look like the people you want to do business with. In conclusion. Are you just likable or you are also “businesable”?

It is true that as entrepreneurs we have a target audience to reach. Our social media cannot be only for the simple mere of entertainment. Think about it as a free advertisement or a giant billboard (as the third quarter of 2016 there is 1.79 billion Facebook users with the most common age between 25 to 24. Source on where millions of people drive by every single day. How are you standing out of the crowd? With such a vast amount of social media users we have become a visual society. We love to see how that product looks before we make the decision to go to the store and buy it.  I know you know this already but, YOU ARE THE PRIMARY PRODUCT OF YOUR BRAND! Is not the beautiful house you are selling, is not the vast knowledge that you have about marketing services, it is YOU what people buy into it. That leads to next question. What your online image, and by image, I mean the whole brand because we need to be consistent, is saying about you? I love when I come certain entrepreneurs which have named their company example; luxury marketing, and yet their whole brand scream cheap. Please tell me I am not the only who see this thing.

I am here to help you take the next step and create a cohesive brand for your name. Is not just a headshot photography, is not just one image. My experience has told me what you and how you need it. As a photographer, here in the Tampa are I have spent an immense amount of time learning what set the successful people apart.

Have you seen a million-dollar house listed with poorly photograph photos? I shouldn’t ask that question because I know you probably have seen that. Immediately when we see a poor image of a luxury house we tend to start looking for ways to negotiate the price, and now I am talking to Realtors. Am I correct? So, that is exactly what happen with you. Is not that they don’t believe in you, is that unconsciously they don’t see you, probably as an authority on that area or worthy of whatever prices you have set. That doesn’t mean you are great or the best at what you do. I bet you have thought that you can tell a family member to do even your wedding pictures for you. Why them? Because they are not an authority neither an expert on that area and that is why you feel is ok to pay them a way lower amount than what is worth it. Don’t you wish every client comes to you saying “where do I sign up” and not hassle your prices? STOP LOOKING CHEAP!! And If you want to stop looking cheap pick up that phone and call me!


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