Should you feed or not your wedding vendors?

This seems to be one of the million questions among brides on different social media groups. I thought this was just a Tampa area or Florida area but no, this a global all around the world question, from NY to UK, Dubai to Brazil. In short, is a global question. So, don’t feel alone on this.

I decide to write this from a vendor perspectives because a lot is said about it from the client’s point of views and believe me, we don’t think that much different.

I know I will differ from most of the vendors thought but bear with me here. At the end, all of us, the wedding vendors, all we want is what is in the best interest for the brides and grooms. Should we get food, is mandatory, I have it written on my contract, I heard all of that from the vendors. But is this what the brides really need? Is she obligated to do so? Definitely no.

Like any other arrangement between the brides and vendors, this one that should be addressed at the time of sinning the contract. Some vendors expect to be fed and they included that on their contract. Is hard to say what is the norm because there is no a set of rules when it comes down to this topic. I don’t expect to be fed by the bridal party. Others, I want to guess that most vendors do, expect to be fed.

Let put this in comparison with other jobs, because at the end we are a business like everyone else. We are not different from a lawyer, dentist, pressure washing companies, etc. If you hire someone to mow your yard? Do you also pay him for food? No.  When you have, your financial planner coming to your house and sit with you about your investment portfolio, do you feed them? No. So, what difference is to have a photographer, a DJ or makeup artist at your event? What I think it should be done is to be offered from the brides, not impose neither add to your contract. I know lawn mower company will take a break and go to a nearby place and get food, but they still must pay for their own food. As a photographer, I make sure I pack enough food to support thru out the event and pack accordingly to the length of the event or to how many hours I been hired to be there. I can’t expect to the bride to feed every single vendor. I have been to a wedding where they have forced me to sit down at the table and eat and I think that was a great thing from the bridal party. I didn’t ask for it, but I felt grateful that they care about me.

The average cost per plate on the wedding it can go anywhere from $30 to $100 (VakuePenguin source) if not more. Let say that a bride and groom have a makeup artist, DJ, the photographer (plus an assistant or a second photographer) and a videographer. Let say that their plate per person is $50, so times that the number of vendors mentioned above, that is a total of $250 extra!! It doesn’t seem much but we all know that there are more vendors than that at the wedding day.

In conclusion, I think the brides and grooms should feed their vendors as a courtesy because it can go a long way in their relation between the wedding party and vendors, but not as an obligation or as a mandatory thing.

The vendors should charge, if they don’t do it already, enough to where they can cover whatever meal they plan to bring with them that day and if the wedding party offers you food be thankful for it.