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“Definitely, having a Real Estate professional photographer as part of our team of experts is crucial for our success in our Industry.”

-Marlene Cambronero-

Here is another post telling you why you need to pay to take photos of your listings…NOT!!!

I want to bring real examples and testimonials of really successful Real Estate agents about their experience with Real Estate Photography.

We all know that Real Estate is a competitive job and requires a lot of time and energy to set yourself apart. How many times have you sat all by yourself in an empty house on a Saturday evening waiting for prospective clients to show up and let’s don’t forget the hours you spend putting the signs about the open house. If you didn’t do a great marketing campaign prior to that day chances are you will get one or two sometimes even ZERO people walking in that door. I would love to help change that.

On today’s age, the majority, at least 92%, according to realtor.org, of potential buyers will look at the house online prior to making a decision to see it in person. This number should prompt you to think about, or at least review how your listings are looking

“My clients deserve the best. That includes professional photography to highlight the beauty of the home.  Lighting makes an enormous difference as does the actual feel of each room…”

-Laurieanne Morse-

Before we continue I want to clarify that this service doesn’t apply only to the million dollars plus listing. This applies to every listing. It Is important that you know that it does not matter what the price tag of your listing is, Real Estate photography is beneficial for you in many ways. Bear with me and let’s continue with the dialogue. I would love to know your feedback at the end.

“I have used Real Estate photography services, it makes a big difference when selling a home, they sell very quickly and it makes me look more professional…”
-Maria VanGalder-

We all know that the first impression is what counts and with a good impression comes great benefits.

  • Generate leads


I know it sounds simple but it is the truth. Having a great presentation will get your potential buyers and your sellers talking about how great you have make their house look. You hire us so you get the pat on the back, and we are perfectly fine with that, after all we are here for you.


  • Command higher prices


Yes, you read that right! One of the biggest benefits of having a Real Estate photography is that you can command higher prices. In a previous survey conducted by Redfin.com it found that houses which are photographed by a professional photographer are likely to sell approximately 3k to 11k more relative to their list prices. Don’t forget the higher the selling price the higher is your commission.


  • Sell fast and more consistently


This tie everything else up. By you having a better image of your listing on the MLS, your website or any other advertainment platform will help you to stand out next to the IPhone photographer which will result in you getting more potential buyers walking into your open house!

“…But the whole ‘I’m an iPhone-photographer. ‘ Or just bad lighting pics- I think that’s what gives agents and their listing the bad rep (marketing related). Plus, the amount of marketing/ Targeting content you can drive from one good real estate photo- is priceless.”

-Michael Anthony St. Claire-

  • It is a write off


I should have started by saying that Real Estate photography is an investment and not an expense. Therefore, you can write it off!

“All of my listings, I hire a professional photographer to take pictures of. It is a must to enhance your listing and it’s a write off…”
-Raquel Zapata-

This is a compiled list of just a few benefits of Real Estate photography. If you would love me to do a presentation at your office or just a one-on-one let me know! We can do an online video presentation.
If you have found this blog beneficial or want to share your experience please leave your comments at the bottom. If you have any question related to the post I will more than happy to respond them as well.