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I am a passionate award-published photographer with more than 6 years of experience in the photography industry with an expertise in the wedding photography and headshots. I start my baby-steps into photography when I decide to buy and entry DSLR level camera to have better quality images of my two amazing kids. Thinking it was an easy task I got my first Nikon camera in 2009. After taking many classes with some of the world renown photographers is when I decide to go from a hobby to a career.
It was not too long after that, my kids were running away from my camera. That leads me to photograph friends and family and after quite long time I became a full-time photographer.
I am well known for my fashion style on every photo even though I don’t pose the people in front of my lens. I like to capture “in the moment” images, more like a photojournalist. I don’t call myself a photojournalist but I am considered a candid moment photographer. I have, true many weddings, learn to anticipate the special moment. I love details. Some of these techniques I have applied them to business portraits. One thing any photographer cannot photoshop is expressions. I don’t count 1-2-3 cheese! Lol. I like to interact with the person in front of my lens.
My goal is always being to deliver the best quality and unique images. Your story is unique and someone with the right eye needs to capture it.
My style and goals are to tell a story with your image. Showcase what you have to offer to the world. Like thy said, “A picture is a worth a thousand word”.
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